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The Vision for A Strong California is a collaborative effort of participants in the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Fellowship for a New California who are leaders in the immigrant and refugee rights movement across California. The vision presents the unified voices of diverse families and communities across California, and highlights the issues that are essential for safeguarding our dignity and human rights.

The statement draws on the values on which our dreams rest: equal opportunity, safety, and success. And in these times in which many of our communities are under attack, this statement shines a light on the future that we know is possible with all of us showing up for each other.

If you share our values as articulated in this Vision for A Strong California, we invite you to share the statement with your families, communities, and organizations. CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of individual and organizational endorsers. The statement is available in 6 languages including Amharic, Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish.







*Robert Liu-Trujillois the artist who created the beautiful graphics for the vision statement.


List of Endorsing Organizations and Individuals